Special Issue on Entry Timing Strategies

Long Range Planning (with Andrea Fosfuri and Gianvito Lanzolla, co-editors), vol. 46:4-5, p. 297-416, August-October Issue, 2013.

The enthusiastic response to our call for papers for this Special Issue on Entry Timing Strategies showed that scholarly interest in these important issues is alive and healthy. We received 25 submissions from colleagues all over the world, with different approaches to the phenomenon under study ranging from conceptual development, to empirical testing, to modeling. After a first standard double-blind round of revision, six papers were accepted for presentation at a special workshop we organized at Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain, on May 25, 2012. During the workshop, authors of all six papers presented their work and received direct feedback from the audience. The authors used this feedback to revise and resubmit their manuscripts. After another round of revision, three papers were selected for publication in this Special Issue, for a 12% final acceptance rate. In addition to the regular submission, we solicited three essays from well-known scholars in this area. The three invited essays were also subject to two rounds of revision. The end result is a collection of papers that we feel, (1) represents some of the most interesting work being carried out today in entry timing research, (2) highlights some of the key challenges that researchers must address and, (3) hints at the most promising avenues for further research.

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