“The Answer is Blowing in the Wind of Creative Destruction: Reflections on the Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation Research”

Special Issue on Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation, European Academy of Management and Business Economics, Revista Europea de Direccion y Economía de la Empresa, vol. 21, p. 154-156, 2012.

The strategic management of technology and innovation is the focus of one of the most vibrant research communities in management today. Indeed, it has been like that for several decades. In this short article, I will limit myself here to highlighting some of the theoretical foundations on which our community has been built, drawing the attention to a couple of reasons behind its success (not only in numbers but also in terms of impact on academia and business practice), and pointing out examples of prominent work done by our members and the exciting new research that is taking place today and will continue to propel this field in the coming years.

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